"Dead Mom" (Live Performance at eTown Studios, Boulder CO)

Our original concept for this video was to perform it in the street, as buskers, with a live audience, but our budget and our lack of technical know how, and maybe a bit of fear had us changing course and capturing it in a studio. eTown Studios to be more precise. Dr Sam Young (drummer, keys, back up vox) did the string arrangement, and our friends in the Locked In String Quartet helped set the mood. We hope you like this alternative version of one of our favorite tracks.

"girl You Changed" VIDEO is up on YOUTUBE

Check out our video for "Girl You Changed." This was our first attempt at shooting a video. We're not gonna say we know how to to do it now, but we're looking forward to trying again. We hope you like it...lip syncing and all.


Check out our video for "Born Too Late" on YouTube. If you like it, please give it a thumbs up or leave a comment. If you don't, well...go ahead and leave a comment, but please do your best to be creative. If you're going to criticize our creativity, you better come with some comic relief. Got that?


Check out our Tiny Desk Contest submission for our song "Boy." We're going to formally release the studio version when we drop the full album at the end of the summer, but here is a little taste of whats to come. Hope you like our first attempt at video. We're super stoked at the possibility of making our way to Washington DC to play some songs at Bob Boilen's desk at NPR. Wish we could tell you to vote, but it doesn't work like that apparently. We've got a few more in the can that we'll be releasing as the Singles come out.