The members of Kick and the Hug lived through a different time in Boulder CO, when the vibrant live music scene, and plentiful basement apartments, was a great place for a musician to make a living. The band is scattered across the country now, stretching all the way from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, and Denver. Such is the case these days; they collaborate via file sharing...but when it's time to get in a room and create the real thing, Boulder seems as good a place as any to congregate and create.  Voice provider,  Doug Murray and Sam Young (drummer, keys) played together in the early 90's Boulder stalwart The Winebottles, before Young went on to serve stints with The Samples and Devotchka. The band is also joined by multi-instrumentalist Mike Ferguson on bass, strings, and vocals. The band's sound is glued together by lead guitarist and producer Tyler Skye. The intention to take the music to the stage hasn't quite manifested the way it was supposed to. So songs will come, some celebrated, some not…and if I live show happens it will likely be a big day for the band.